Folktale of New York

I was in New York last December on holiday. Following both guide book recommendations and obvious curiosity I visited McSorley’s Old Ale House on East 7th Street in Manhattan. There’s no relation here, just coincidence. Inside, it hasn’t changed much since John McSorley (my father’s name, another coincidence) opened it in 1854. The unvarnished wooden … More Folktale of New York

Miracle on Rubik Utca

Unfortunately, Pista was also a weedy kid. He was poor, wore ragged second-hand clothes, had sallow skin like a Romani, had no parents, and lived in the orphanage on Rubik Utca in the eighth district. Each of these alone was reason enough to make him a target. But, unfortunately, Pista was also a weedy kid. … More Miracle on Rubik Utca

Creative Conversations with Christopher Brookmyre

[In September, Scots crime writer Christopher Brookmyre spoke to Louise Welsh at Glasgow Uni as part of their Creative Conversations series. This article was originally written following that talk on 19/09/17] ‘“A” is for Alibi, “B” is for Burglar… she must be dreading that day when she has to write a book about xylophones,’ says … More Creative Conversations with Christopher Brookmyre