Aether & Ichor

I’m excited to be joining fantasy story site Aether & Ichor as a guest editor! Based in Edinburgh, they publish short stories from writers all over the world and back in October 2016 they were kind enough to publish one of mine – Naoko. Now on the other side of the desk, I’m looking for urban fantasy … More Aether & Ichor

Grasslimb Journal

Really excited to have short story of mine – Green Fire – appearing in Grasslimb Vol 15 No 2. Grasslimb is a long-running literature and arts journal based in San Diego, California, which features a wide variety of work from poetry and short stories to cartoons and music reviews. You can read Green Fire (a tale of post-apocalyptic … More Grasslimb Journal

Beaten Pulpier!

Hello! It’s been a while since my last post, the reason being I’ve been working away on a new novel. I’m resurfacing now that the first draft is finally finished. More details about that in the future, but in other news I’ll be putting out a sequel to my short story collection, Beaten to a … More Beaten Pulpier!

Read ‘The Hack’ in The Singularity Magazine

You wait ages for a bus and two come along at once. Here’s the second story of mine to be published this month. It’s called The Hack and appears on London-based Sci-fi magazine The Singularity’s website. You can have a read here. (Excerpt below.) The Hack Rep-7 stared at the photograph. He recorded the details: fuzzy … More Read ‘The Hack’ in The Singularity Magazine

Read The Sixpence in the Pudding in O Horrid Night

Saaaantaaaa! I know him! Time to get excited about Christmas! And, in the old fashioned tradition, time to scare each other with Christmas ghost stories around the fire. My short story The Sixpence in the Pudding (excerpt below) features in the new Christmas horror anthology, O Horrid Night, by Fundead Publications. It sits alongside 19 … More Read The Sixpence in the Pudding in O Horrid Night

Dead in Autumn, Buried in Winter Hallowe’en excerpt

Happy Hallowe’en everyone! On this day last year I started writing my first novel. The first draft took six weeks, the rest of the year was spent editing, rewriting and proofing. Now it’s finished and just about ready for release, but seen as the story opens on Hallowe’en, I thought I’d give everyone a sneak peak as their … More Dead in Autumn, Buried in Winter Hallowe’en excerpt

Read ‘Unofficial Tapes #1’ on FTP Magazine

You can check out my latest piece of flash fiction, Unofficial Tapes #1, over on the excellent FTP Magazine website. It’s y attempt at being both political/funny, who knows if either works, but if you wanna find out you can read it here: FTP is a new Glasgow-based arts magazine. The initials stand for Fuck The … More Read ‘Unofficial Tapes #1’ on FTP Magazine